At KPDSB we have a vision in which all students leave secondary school with a clear plan for their initial postsecondary destination, whether in apprenticeship training, college, community living, university, or the workplace, and with confidence in their ability to implement, and revise or adapt, their plan throughout their lives as they and the world around them change. This vision sees students as the architects of their own lives.


When students are empowered to design and plan their own lives, they are engaged, they achieve and they find themselves applying their learning in the their daily lives.  In an environment that encourages such learning, students develop confidence in knowing that their school programs are created with them in mind, that the world beyond school has something to offer them, and that they have something to offer the world.

Did you know?

Every student within the KPDSB can draft their own future using the powerful suite of tools and planning processes on MyBluePrint.



Our secondary schools offer programs that focus on students’ preparation for postsecondary endeavours and address the particular interests, strengths, needs, or aspirations of students. Such programs assist students in making successful transitions to the initial postsecondary destination of their choice.


If you already have a career in mind, and need to find a pathway to that career.