Community Pathway

Who is the Community Pathway for?

Students with special education needs who are primarily accessing non-credit courses leading to a Certificate of Accomplishment. In some cases, students may work toward an Ontario Secondary School Certificate (OSSC), which requires 14 credit courses.

Making plans for this Pathway?

Special Education Staff, parents and community support agencies work together in a collaborative community process to individually plan and prepare students for life in the community upon leaving secondary school (Students in this pathway may remain in school until June of the year in which the student turns 21 years of age).

In planning, options could include, but are not limited to: volunteer work and participation in recreational programs. A few students may access specialized programs (CICE – Community Integration through Co-operative Education) offered at a few Ontario colleges.

Students will graduate with one of the following:

  • Ontario Secondary School Certificate (OSSC) – This certificate is awarded to students who successfully complete a minimum of 14 credits including 7 compulsory credits ā€” 2 credits in English, 1 credit in each of the following: Math, Canadian Geography or Canadian History, Science, Health and Physical Education, Arts or Technological Education ā€” plus 7 optional credits. or
  • Certificate of Accomplishment – This certificate is awarded to students upon leaving school who have made progress in completing individual personal and educational goals

Iā€™m ready to start drafting my future in the community!


The KPDSB offers a variety of pathway programs to help you draft your future in the community:

Co-operative Education Program

Participate in valuable learning and work experience with a co-op program.
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