College Pathway

What kinds of programs are offered?

College programs provide an effective combination of real life skills with quality education.

Approximately 20% of secondary school students go to college.

What does College prepare you for?

College programs give you the skills you need to pursue a variety of careers such as: journalists, police officers, dental hygienists, website technicians, paralegals and chemical technologists.

How long does College take?

Colleges have certificate, diploma, graduate certificate, applied degree, or joint college – university programs, that usually take 1 to 3 years to complete.

How much does it cost?

College programs range from $3000-$5000 per year.

You may be interested in college if:

  • You find success in hands-on/applied curriculum
  • You enjoy smaller classes and the personal approach to instruction
  • You have specific career goals that require a college education
  • You are interested in developing technical and occupational skills required for your chosen career area

I’m ready to start drafting my college future!


The KPDSB offers a variety of pathway programs to help you draft your future as a college student:

Co-operative Education Program

Give yourself and edge over your peers with an in-depth and extensive work experience before college.
All About CO-OP

Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program

Get practical, hands-on training in a skilled trade while earning credits towards your diploma. Your hours earned in OYAP will give you an edge over your peers in college.
All About OYAP

Dual Credit Programs

Take courses that provide a credit towards your OSSD as well as a credit in your college program, while still in high school.
All About Dual Credits

Specialist High Skills Major

Focus on a specific economic sector while meeting the requirements to graduate.
All About SHSM