Workplace Pathway

What kinds of jobs are available after secondary school?

A wide variety of careers require a secondary school diploma, followed by specific on-the-job training or entry-level positions from secondary school including: real estate agents, animal care workers, bank tellers, photographers, web site designers, construction labourers.

About 50% of secondary school students go directly into the world of work, but often decide to pursue an apprenticeship, college or university training at a later time.

Various programs in KPDSB provide opportunities for students to meet initial requirements for entering specific industries, allowing them to make a successful transition from school to the workplace.

You may be interested in work if:

  • You have developed practical workplace skills that have prepared you for a specific career without needing to pursue college, university, or an apprenticeship first
  • You have been successful in workplace pathway courses and wish to explore workplace opportunities
    You may wish to defer further post-secondary education until later
  • You have specific career goals in mind that allow you to go directly to the workplace for on-the-job training

I’m ready to start drafting my workplace!


The KPDSB offers a variety of pathway programs to help you draft your future in the workplace:

Co-operative Education Program

Your experience in the co-op program will provide you with valuable, in-depth and extensive work experience that can give you a leg up in your job placement after high school.
All About CO-OP

Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program

Get practical, hands-on training in a skilled trade while earning credits towards your diploma. Your hours earned in OYAP will give you a head start in the workplace.
All About OYAP

Dual Credit Programs

Take courses that count towards both your OSSD and a post-secondary certification, while still in high school.
All About Dual Credits

Specialist High Skills Major

Focus on a specific economic sector while meeting the requirements to graduate.
All About SHSM